10 Essential Tips for Successfully Communicating With Prospects

Whether it’s cold calling or talking with those who have already been warmed by your marketing efforts, the way you communicate with your prospects has a major impact on your chances of success. How you sell your product or service will vary greatly depending on your business model, specific offering, and targeted audience, but there are some important techniques for communicating effectively regardless of your greater sales tactics.

Here are some prospecting tips for helping you earn more sales.

Communicate With Confidence - Whether in person or over the phone, it’s easy to tell whether someone is confident in the message they are sending. If you are confident in yourself and your product/service, your prospect will be confident in you, too.

Know When It’s A Good Fit – Not all prospects are going to be a good fit with your brand, so it’s important to be able to identify when you are speaking with someone who is, in fact, worth more time and effort.

Don’t Sell – While this may sound counterintuitive, never try to sell on your first go-round with a prospect. Instead, focus your efforts on learning about them and building awareness about your brand.

Ask Questions – Know the questions you need to ask in order to qualify your leads. After all, we already know that not every prospect is a good fit for your brand. When your potential customers provide answers, truly listen to what they are saying so you can find exactly how your product or service will become a solution for them.

See Objections As Opportunities – Inevitably, objections will arise about need, authority, or budget. Instead of letting these become barriers or uncomfortably forcing your way through them, use objections as an opportunity to learn more about the prospect and qualify them for future communications.

Be Prepared – Before making contact, be sure to learn all you can about the company. Especially when dealing with busy executives or business owners, it’s important to never waste their time by asking questions that can be answered simply by viewing the company website.

Leverage Social Media – As you are researching your prospect, check their social media feeds to learn more about the individual’s interest and company’s messaging. By liking, commenting, and sharing their content, you can warm your lead before you call them.

Know Your Product/Service – You have a short window of opportunity to make a meaningful connection with your prospect. Be sure to maximize that time by knowing everything possible about your product or service. You never know which of the benefits are going to be the perfect fit for your prospect.

Be Human – Nothing will turn a prospect off faster than being robotic in your communications. Let your personality shine, so you can connect with your prospect in an authentic way.

Value Relationships – While making the sale is inevitably your end-goal, take the time to build relationships with your prospects. By following up with personalized messages, you’ll have a much better chance of speaking with them again in the near future.

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