4 Essential Strategies For Keeping Lower-Paid Employees Motivated

4 Essential Strategies For Keeping Lower-Paid Employees Motivated

All companies have positions that simply don’t pay as much as others. Sometimes, it is just the nature of the position, and that is okay. However, when the promise of a substantial increase in salary isn’t appropriate for a particular position, it can be challenging to keep those employees motivated in their job and satisfied with the company. These four essential strategies not only help to keep productivity high, but also show the employee that he or she is valued.

Stress the Importance of Their Role

Employees from all levels of the company are ultimately responsible for business success. Just because the employee doesn’t have a prestigious position does not mean he or she should feel less valued. First, understand how the position plays into the bigger picture of the company, and then make sure the employee is reminded of his or her importance.

Treat Them as Part of the Team

Your company is a team that is working towards a unified vision. Be sure to include each employee in that team mentality. Create smaller teams within the company that share common goals, and encourage each member to actively participate in their team.

Then, work to create a larger, whole company team culture. Invite every employee to birthday celebrations, company outings, and recognition ceremonies. If your company holds events or activities outside of the office, extend personal invitations to your lower-paid employees who may not think of themselves as a part of the team. Your consideration will go a long way in making every employee feel good about working for your company.

Be Interested In Their Future

Regardless of age or education, many people in lower-paid positions have aspirations for more. Just as you may engage entry-level coordinators or sales staff, talk with your custodian, mailroom workers, and other lower-paid employees about their interests and goals. If you find that they desire to move up in the company, discuss ways to develop their skills. The most loyal employees are the ones who feel as though their bosses are invested in their personal and professional success.

Show Your Appreciation

It’s easy to show appreciation for a sales team that surpasses their quarterly goals, but oftentimes other employees go unrecognized. Feeling valued and appreciated has a major impact on an employee’s motivation. When he or she knows that someone recognizes when they do their job well, they are more likely to put in the extra effort.

Most CEOs would agree that they would love to pay every employee based upon their worth, but it’s simply not feasible. Different roles earn different salaries, and companies have limited resources, which must be spread out through the organization. However, that doesn’t mean every employee can’t feel valued and have a sense of satisfaction working with your company.


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