6 Ways To Identify Your Target Audience For Greater Sales Success

Your business needs to effectively sell its service or product in order to be successful. It doesn’t matter the industry or specialty. Unfortunately, many business owners seek to sell to everyone who will listen, but this only leads to wasted resources.

Tired of not enjoying the sales you desire? The first step in revamping your sales and marketing strategy is to identify your target audience. By developing an understanding of potential customers, you are able to create targeted campaigns and tailor your messaging to speak to their specific concerns. You can position yourself to be the solution to their problems – the ideal place to be! Here’s how to get started with identifying your target audience.

Challenge Your Assumptions

You may feel like you already know who your ideal customers are, but unless you have data to support your theories, you should throw them out. Anecdotal assumptions are nothing more than hunches. It’s time to get some real data before you waste another dollar.

Conduct Some Basic Research

With the wealth of knowledge available to you on the Internet, it’s easy to search for information. Look at case studies that are relevant to your company. Consult the wide range of marketing research that has been conducted. Leverage other people’s work to further your own success.

Look at Your Competitors

Your competitors may have already conducted research on the ideal customer for your particular product or service. Pay attention to their efforts, and glean lessons wherever you can. While you’re paying close attention, look for gaps in their sales and marketing initiatives - this will be your sweet spot.

Conduct Some Research

If you have social media channels already established, conducting research could be much easier than you think. Ask your current customers what they think and who they are! Make your messaging simple, unambiguous, and concise. If you’re up for going the extra mile, develop a strategic questionnaire that you can send out to a cross-section of your clientele. A little bit of online research will get you started down the right path.

Establish a Customer Persona

Now that you have some basic information, begin pulling together the conclusions to create a picture of your average customer. Pull from your research and from your current customer base. Include demographics including age, sex, income, education levels, and location.

Analyze The Big Players

Take a look at the big players that share your target audience. How do they communicate with them? What emotions do their marketing and advertising pieces evoke? Which communication channels to they leverage the most?

Once you understand your target audience and the messaging that works best for them, you’ll be able to create a sales and marketing campaign that actually makes sense. If you’re looking for help in understanding your target audience, I can help.

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