How – And Why – to Communicate Your Mission & Values to Employees

How – And Why – to Communicate Your Mission & Values to Employees

Most business owners have established their corporate mission and values during the planning phase of their business. And while those two elements are ingrained in the minds of the business owner it’s sometimes a challenge to communicate these important elements to employees.

Getting employees onboard with a company’s mission and values can be critical for productivity and engagement. Let’s take a look at three ways in which you can impart your corporate values to your employees.

Start with clear communication

Communication is important to any healthy relationship and when it comes to business managements, it’s critical. Sharing your company’s values with employees is especially important at the lower levels of your company where employees are more inclined to be disengaged. If your workforce doesn’t understand the values of the company, they are more likely to make decision that are misaligned – leading to departments getting off track, and worse, affecting your business goals. This can be avoided through clear, effective communication from the outset. Communicate your values and goals, and keep your team focused in the same direction.

Collaborate with your team

When trying to get your team onboard with the mission of your company, start by defining your core values. Event when challenged by a changing business climate, these ideals will stand firm and define your organization. Part of this process is learning what your team aspires to become. By personalizing task to an employee’s strengths, you will increase engagement and productivity. The more engaged and employee feels, the more likely they are to support your mission and values through their actions.

Lead proactively

Being proactive can mean many things but when it comes to the mission and values of your company, being proactive pertains to follow up and preparedness. Stay connected to your employees and ensure that everyone is clear about the mission. Make yourself available to them should an issue arise. And while you won’t have time to handle every complaint, you will be able to demonstrate your willingness to work on a solution. Small problems have a tendency to mushroom into larger ones, and by being aggressive and proactive in addressing these issues, you are diminishing the threat of things escalating.

Your mission and values are the backbone of your business and the foundation upon which you will grow. If you would like to discuss how to best communicate your company’s mission and values to your employees, contact me for a free, no commitment, consultation.


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