Optimizing Your Workforce for a Well-Run Hotel

Labor is the principal operational expense for hotels across the globe, and for hotels that take hospitality seriously these costs only increase. However, hoteliers who put effort into hiring the right people and training them fully often find that their employees are their best assets.

To make the most of your workforce, here are five essential tips to consider when it comes to hiring and maintaining your teams.

Hire Professional and Experienced Managers

There is nothing more expensive than an inefficient manager. The purpose of hiring departmental managers is two-fold: to ensure guest satisfaction and to allow the general manager and executive teams to focus on the bigger picture.

Generally speaking, competent hotel managers are able to look at their team and the processes in place and create solutions without guidance. They identify customer service opportunities that are not yet addressed, and they create efficiency for a smother guest experience.

Train Your Staff Properly

The easiest way to increase guest satisfaction is to train your employees. Across the globe and especially in the U.S., training for hotel and hospitality staff has seemingly become an afterthought. Many hotels maintain a sink or swim attitude when it comes to new staff, which is truly a recipe for disaster.

To optimize your hotel staff, begin with proper training. Teach them the systems and processes of your hotel, and perhaps more importantly, make sure each employee understands exactly what is expected of him or her in terms of service standards. Continually, we see that the hotels with the highest customer satisfaction rates are those who spend a significant amount of time training each staff member before he or she is introduced to a single guest.

Create a Vision-Driven Culture

If one doesn’t understand his role in the future of a company, it’s impossible to ask him for loyalty. To create a vision-driven culture, the hotelier must first establish a clear vision for the business. What are the goals from the financial and service perspectives? Will the hotel expand and grow or will it become a premier and specialized location? By introducing each employee to the vision for the company, he or she is able to get excited about the future and the direction. Even more importantly, the employees get a view of how their efforts will help get the team closer to achieving those goals.

Encourage a Strong Work Ethic

Encouragement, rewards, and incentives can have an impressive impact on performance. One of the greatest challenges in the hospitality industry is staff turnover – with rates at approximately three times most other industries. To reduce those costly turnover rates and boost employee loyalty, encouragement of a strong work ethic should trickle down from the top.

Additionally, the incentives and rewards shouldn’t always be financial in nature. Perhaps, consider innovative encouragements that support a healthy work-life balance. From recognitions to rewards, employees are more productive and have more respect for companies that care about them.

Leverage Advisors Who Can Guide the Way

As with any business, you are only as knowledgeable as your network of trusted advisors. No hotelier, CEO, general manger, or executive can know everything. The successful ones surround themselves with experts and mentors who can help them tackle their greatest challenges and find innovative solutions.

Tony Edgar is a FocalPoint Certified Business Coach with more than three decades in the hospitality and retail industries. Start the conversation on how to optimize your current workforce and plan for your future staffing needs. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today!


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