Purpose-Driven Companies: It’s More Than Good Business

Consumers have unlimited options in today’s consumer-driven landscape, and now more than ever, business owners are facing the challenge of making their business stand out. When was the last time you considered how your company’s purpose plays into that goal?

Your company’s purpose adds polish to your brand, and it gives customers the understanding that the money they spend with your company does more than simply purchase your product or service. Today’s consumers want to be a part of something bigger. However, establishing a purpose-driven business takes more than flipping a switch.

Blend Your Purpose with Your Culture

Whether it’s beginning meetings with mission-oriented discussions or encouraging a company-wide language shift, purpose should be a part of the daily conversation at the company. Employees should understand how their duties impact customers, and they should know the importance of what you are collectively trying to achieve. After all, employees are one of a company’s best assets when it comes to communicating passion to customers.

Make Social Responsibility A Priority

Not all companies are able to make substantial financial contributions to charities or other organizations, but all companies are able to make social responsibility a priority. Understand how your product impacts the world around you. Incorporate donations into the cost of each product or service. Donate time or expertise to help others. Have purpose outings instead of company picnics. By living your purpose as a company, your base of customers will begin to understand that your company is more than a brand – it’s the kind of organization that makes a difference.

Encourage Making It Personal

With each of your employees understanding the purpose of the company, you now have the opportunity to encourage them to embrace it and pay it forward. Companies that offer time off to personify the mission of the company not only develop more satisfied employees; they also are more likely to have a standout reputation.

Developing your company as a purpose-driven organization is more than a good business decision. It can bring you a reliable and loyal customer base that wouldn’t dream of going to your competition.


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