Thriving Through The Hospitality Industry “Off-Season”

Over and over again, I hear business owners in the restaurant and hospitality industries talk about the “slow season”. While we certainly do have a peak season, there’s no reason for your work to slow down just because the summer rush has passed. With proper planning, the off-season can be anything but slow.

Identify Your Need Dates Early

Historically speaking, what are the slowest dates for your business? These are your need dates, and they offer a great opportunity for you. By recognizing the specific dates and date ranges when you are relatively sure your business will be crawling at a snail’s pace, you can create specials, deals, and other incentives to draw customers in. The key is to identify these dates early on, so you can market the deals to your customers before you slow down.

Research Major Events

What are the biggest attractions in your area, and what major events will they be hosting this year? By aligning your business with these large events, you’ll get substantial exposure and stay busy throughout the year. Many of these opportunities, such as being the official host hotel for a conference, require an investment, but if it falls within your need dates, the value can be substantial.

Identify Smaller Local Events

What do local residents do when the tourists leave? From restaurant weeks to athletic events and everything in between, there are endless opportunities for you to leverage your local community. Create a list of events that share your target market, and talk with event promoters about how you can get involved. Even simple promotions such as discounts for showing an event ticket can make a big difference.

Create an Incentive System

How often do your peak-season customers give you referrals in the off-season? As consumers, we see incentive systems all the time when we make purchases. Think about every time you are offered a discount by inviting a friend to purchase a product or service. You have a loyal base of customers during your peak-season, so why not offer them an incentive for sending people your way during the off-season. You may be surprised at the bump in business you’ll experience.

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