Why Hiring for Attitude Over Skills Makes Sense

The hiring process can be an arduous one for executives and managers. Between screening resumes and scheduling phone conversations and in-person interviews, the process can be time consuming and inefficient. Often, once you’ve someone, the candidate may have the right skill, but his or her personality doesn’t mesh with your company.

Finding someone who has both the abilities and attitude you are looking for is an endless challenge. Companies are now realizing that hiring for cultural fit is important. Here are three things to keep in mind when selecting your next hire.

Don’t try to change people

You can’t build a great company without great people. You may be committed to hiring the right people, but how can you identify them? By the time most people reach their mid-to-late 20’s, their personalities, morals, ethics, and beliefs are ingrained and are unlikely to change. The most common hiring mistake is to hire a skilled employee with the wrong mindset, thinking you can change their outlook. In the today’s workplace, it is often more important to bring in people whose personal values align with those of the company and train them in the skills they need to do the job.

Look internally first

Companies that hire smart usually begin their recruiting efforts internally. People tend to spend time with others who share their values, so it makes sense that a standout employee may know others wit the same characteristics that have made them successful. Asking existing employees to recommend candidates for an open position may help you find a good personality match for your company. Standout employees understand and share the values of your company, making them ideal recruiters.

Remember that future needs will change

It is impossible for you to know what technical skills your employees are going to need in the coming years. Do you want a prospect with the skill set you currently need, but how may not be emotionally invested in the company and willing to grow? Or, would you rather have an employee who is “all-in” with your company and willing to learn – even if they are currently lacking some skills that they could be trained for. Given the constant evolution of technical requirements for business, having an employee with the right attitude and personality is paramount to the success of the company.

Hiring for attitude over skill is not a new approach to filling positions, but it’s one that takes commitment. If you would like to discuss hiring strategies for your company, contact me for a free, no commitment, business consultation.

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